Local Heroes #46

katriyoga v1

When Katri moved from Poland to The Netherlands she discovered her love for yoga. The urge to share her passion and inspirate others convinced her to open up her own yoga studio – in Rotterdam. Published by Laura M. on 04/05/2016 I have been practicing different styles of yoga for over 5 years. Yet, it […]

Vinyasa stole my heart


I remember when a friend took me to Vinyasa yoga classes. It was an amazing feeling of deep, deliberate practice, integration of movement with breathing. The class was like a journey deep inside myself, the feeling of returning to the source. From the first day on, Vinyasa stole my heart.   In 2009 I went to the […]

How did I start doing Yoga?


How did I start doing Yoga? I did start doing yoga from the curiosity. I was wondering what is so special in yoga that people are practicing for so many years? And I found out that there is very strong power in yoga because there is very strong power in us. We all got this […]

One day from yoga holidays in Poland by Katri

I arrived at Wierchomla Mala on Saturday afternoon around 16:00. After a relaxed yoga class, a deliciousness an dinner and integrative meeting I went out to connect again with nature. To be part of nature feels so nice. To begin a day in relaxed way, we did start with a breathing exercises. Afterwards we did drink […]