Katri's story

When Katri says, she can enrich your life, and help you feeling a true inspiration and meaning of life, she knows what she's talking about.

As a teen, Katri’s passion was dancing. It helped her to break away from everyday reality of a small city and express herself through it. Dancing gave her a feeling that she does something very important and this strong energy made her try different techniques and join many workshops. She was very lucky and met many inspiring teachers, who showed her new directions. Her passion and curiosity did lead her to study dance in Austria, and after a year she moved to Holland to study dance choreography. It was exciting time for her, but over time she noticed that being busy arranging everything for dance piece (dancers, costumes, performance venue etc.), pulled her away from what she created. She started losing the real connection with her work. It was a turning point in her life, and she got lucky again, as she discovered yoga! 


"From the beginning, at my very first yoga classes, I started to regain that missing connection. This power was even stronger than the one I already knew. I could express myself better. I didn't need anyone to watch and admire me and my work anymore. I didn't need a big dancing space to practice. I learnt new things about myself through yoga practice, and I liked to learn even more. I practiced more and more and over time I realized that practicing yoga is something I want to do from now on. I decided that I want to share my yoga experience with others. I realized that the best way to do it is to become a yoga teacher, so I decided to attend Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Utrecht. I finished my first training and got my diploma in October 2010. I started Advanced Teacher Training in May 2013 and I got my diploma in June 2015. I am on the right path, I'm sure of it!

The most important thing for me is to keep growing as a yoga practitioner and a teacher; to support and inspire others".


She teaches vinyasa yoga - body and mind practice focusing on breathing. She integrates different elements of self- discovery an self-expression, such as a writing practice, voice expression and live music. She emphasizes a connection between breathing and movement between each pose; that leads to connecting back to the source.

"To me, Vinyasa yoga is not about getting to a destination; not about taking a shortcut to get there, but it is about a journey one takes to get there; it is about being in the present moment, being a part of a creation and discovering every detail of that practice.

Practicing vinyasa yoga helps me to get in touch with myself. It is like a commitment to myself, to remember myself, to love myself, to trust myself, to be kind to myself, to find the true me and the beauty within me.

My classes are a flow, meditative practices, in which I focus on functional alignment and use of all senses. The classes are created to develop one's physical and mental strength, to build up self-confidence, and experience freedom and joy".


Stephany- Rotterdam

Dear Katri,Thank you for being such a wonderful soul! You make our days brighter with your practice and knowledge. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you are done for me since I arrived.

Elise- Rotterdam

I still remember the day in the early autumn I was going to come first time for the beginner’s course. I was excited but simultaneously terrified because some prior attempts to start yoga or any sport had not gone very well for me. However stepping into Yoganesa, shaking from exhilaration and nervousness, I very quickly got to find out that it was - and obviously still is - a supportive, safe and a loving place where you don't need to feel anxious or scared. This is for a big part thanks to you, Katri. You, your lovely spirit, genuine interest and endless supportiveness make sure that everyone feels welcome at Yoganesa. From the first to the latest class, I have felt at ease and I have been ready to try things that I never thought I would be good enough to do, but with your support and true belief in me I got there maybe not always right away but eventually. I would like to thank you for all this. Your time, your kindness, your belief, your guidance, your patience and, well many more things but the list would be very long. Most of all, however, I want to thank you for creating a space that feels like home away from home.

Hester- Rotterdam

I have experienced Katri as a positive and authentic teacher which has developed her own (great) way of teaching. The classes take place in a nice and friendly atmosphere, which is the beginning of a good yoga class. As Katri starts to teach, you feel appreciated as you are. Katri can show or let your feel a new perspective on a pose, physically and mentally. Some poses I had done for years the same way, but after I started taking classes from Katri I found new variations and improvements of the pose. In other words: yoga is full of possibilities physically and mentally, and importantly, respecting the limitations of your own body. Katri ’s classes are, besides attention at breath, focused at technical alignment with taking into account the prevention of injuries. Katri will help bringing every student to their full potential and see their blind spots, besides bringing the whole group in a flow. 

Riet- Rotterdam

I have had an excellent experience with Katri's teaching. She has been teaching me for several years now and has grown to be a teacher she is now, an excellent one. Her knowledge of the body, Yoga practices and the way she teaches, makes it a great pleasure to be in her class. For me, she is irreplaceable. In the class she focuses on every detail of the pose and, if I need it, she directly corrects me. Her classes are loved by all and for me she is one of the 25 best Yoga teachers in Holland.

Gulia- Rotterdam

After 13 years of practicing yoga in Italy, I met Katri and something changed. I just arrived at Rotterdam: a new town, a new job, a new home. I needed to find a ‘’safe’’ place, so I decided to join Katri's Vinyasa flow yoga classes. It was a new style for me, because I have only had experience of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. The discovery of this new approach has allowed me to completely revolutionize my practice. I finally figured out the asanas, I started to feel them, to perceive the position of each muscle. This has increased the awareness of my body and myself. I really love her way of explaining every detail of the asana, pushing you to the limit. Thanks to her suggestions during the alignment class, I learnt a lot of technical details, perceiving the essence of yoga practice, that makes the difference between yoga and gymnastics. I finally understood what it means to be comfortable in the effort of the pose. And after several months, I can say that I found the “safe’’ place I was looking for: Katri has always remembered my name from the first lesson, making me feel welcomed. And now, when she calls me or corrects me during the practice, she not only speaks to my body but also to my heart.

Pim – Rotterdam

I have over three year experience with the classes of Katri and I enjoy each and every one of them. The classes are quite challenging independent of your level, but she never lets you overstretch yourlimits. She has an eye for detail and helps you to find your direction in the more difficult poses. Katri has the ability to make every class a new experience, but because she builds on previous classes you never feel lost. There is always an idea behind her classes: from building up a class to a pique pose to focusing on opening up a certain part of your body. Not a single part of your body gets neglected. I definitely recommend going to her classes

Lesa - Rotterdam

After many years of trying to find the ‘perfect exercise’ (from the standard gym with weights and aerobics to belly dance and Zumba), I was disappointed in my body and in my level of enthusiasm for any kind of exercise at all. But pain in my 55+ back and joints, and weakness in my core, made me realize that maybe what I needed was to build strength from the inside out. I feel so lucky to have found Katri.
In the almost-year since I’ve been studying with Katri, I leave each class feeling better physically, as well as more centered and mindful. Her practical understanding of the body and the differences in every body, has really helped me!
I experience class with Katri as a place where I can be myself, love myself, and improve myself with expert guidance. From the first moments on the mat, I can let go of the stress, frustration and self-doubt the day brings and come ‘back home’ to body and breath. When I am in a particularly uncomfortable or ‘impossible’ exercise, I can breathe around the discomfort and see that it may just be possible for me to do what I don’t think it’s possible to do. Yes, maybe it will take 6 months or 6 years. Or maybe just another 6 lessons. I experience each class as an opening of personal power and potential, and the result is a kind of healthy self-love.

Hans - Rotterdam

Katri is a very focussed Yoga teacher. She really wants you to progress and has a nice balance between explanation to the group and individual attention. Her classes are always very concentrated and in flow. Her background as a dancer make her movements very precise and gracious. Katri exemplifies that Yoga is a way of live and inspires you to go on on the mat and in real live.

Annemarie – Rotterdam

I started up with Katri's pilates classes and they got me hooked on her way of teaching. Later when she started teaching yoga I never left her side. She is all about the details but respects the body and its limits. If you want to 'grow' she will guide you to help you achieve your goal. Katri's classes are fun. It's hard work and she will push you to take that extra step and afterwards you'll thank her. I have been with different yoga teachers over the years but to me Katri is a keeper.

Marloes - Rotterdam

Katri is an ambitious teacher, eager to help her students, to be in the here and now of the present moment and to experience the relaxation and happiness of yoga class as much as possible. She teaches the whole class as one but has a keen eye for details in our bodies and easily corrects individuals in their poses. Vinyasa classes lead me to the inner peace and knowledge of my heart. Is it yoga or is it Katri who leads the road? That question is not relevant actually, it's all in the combination of the good atmosphere in class, strong breath, correct position in the asana and smooth flow. Katri's classes feel like coming home and the garden in my heart became a peaceful place with flowers since I regularly follow her classes.

Sylvia – Rotterdam

I find Katri’s teaching very nice, inspiring and always giving new views on the postures and flow. It is never boring. Also her spiritual ideas are very soothing and healing. She has a positive attitude and is full of ideas and personal attention for all her students. She is focussing in the class on the synchronisation of breathing and movement. Also on a good flow, a pick pose and a meditation at the end. A good performance of transitions of the various postures is also her focus.
I have experienced her classes with a lot of joy. They have brought me a lot of joy and improvement. There is in all her classes always a good atmosphere for learning and practicing.
I recommend her lessons to everyone who seriously likes to do yoga. She is a very good teacher with personal inspiration, patience and an eye for the individual capabilities of the student.

Irina – Rotterdam

I started practicing yoga in Yoganesa a year and a half ago with the course “Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga” given by Katri. The course was slow paced and focused on the main aspects like breathing techniques, paying close attention to and listening to your body, alignment, that might be difficult to think about for the beginner in the regular class, but are crucial for the practice. By that time I was a bit bored with my regular routing in the gym and once the course was finished I decided to continue with Vinyasa Yoga to see what kind of influence such a practice can have on my body. I have not regretted my decision. The regular practice not only helped me with toning my muscles, that I hoped for, but also made me mentally stronger. I noticed that it is much easier for me now to handle the different stresses of everyday life.

Katri is a wonderful teacher. She has a very balanced approach, she pushes you just enough to progress further. In the beginning it was really scary for me to try inverse positions like handstand or headstand. And even though I am still far from executing them properly, I am much more confident in approaching them now, and I see real progress. Katri helps you to see that some fears exist only in our heads. The classes can be quite full but Katri always finds the opportunity to give individual feedback.

I like it that Katri keeps working on improving her own practice as well. She regularly visits workshops from other teachers and brings different elements from them to her classes. She gets inspired by others and in return inspires us, her students. The atmosphere in the studio is very welcoming and kind. Once the class is over, everyone is welcome to a cup of spicy tea which gives a nice finishing touch to the practice.

Piene - Rotterdam

There is a lot of variety in Katri’s teaching that I like, because in this way no lesson is the same. Because of developments you get yourself through new courses, we get great benefits in different ways of doing yoga which is very nice as well. I also like that Katri seems to have eyes everywhere, without being too present or compelling. Beside the special focus she gives us during every new class, there is always a focus on the breathing, being present, finding your own limits. The classes are diverse and yet repeatable in poses, the classes are serious although there is also time for a laugh. You're minding your own business and yet joining a group-activity.

Danielle – Rotterdam

I appreciate the combination between physical workout and relaxation, in our Morning Flow Yoga class. Katri takes care of the needs of the group and gives valuable personal instructions at the same time. She focuses on personal progression rather than a perfect exercise and above all her classes are fun.

Leontien – Rotterdam

Katri is an inspiring teacher. She is interested in her students, always asking about their wellbeing at the beginning of the class. Katri is very good in showing how to make (small) corrections to ameliorate your yoga pose, by a simple touch of her hand or by showing herself. What I also like about her teaching is the way she explains how your muscles work, how each body is different.

Katri’s classes are full of ocean breath. The breath is directly connected to each movement. Although the classes are not private classes, Katri pays special attention to each student while walking around the room. After class I feel like I have just had a long massage. All the muscles have been wakened and your body feels light and 'reset'.

Joost – Rotterdam

For the last five years I have been following Vinyasa classes with Katri about two times a week. Sometimes I try another teacher or another type of yoga for a while, but I find myself always returning to her classes. This is because of the way Katri teaches: strict and kind at the same time. She sees everything, doesn't go easy on you and isn't afraid to correct by touch. At the same time her classes are relaxed, insightful and always fun. I leave her classes feeling strong, relaxed and calm.


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